Kame House Hostel

This traditional private house has been renovated and turned into a family-run guesthouse that sits in a quiet fishing village close to Wakasa-Wada beach. It’s a child-friendly guesthouse, with many things for children such as toys, picture books and safety fences, and is located in a peaceful area.
It’s a great place for families.


Contact Tel: 090-9603-6111
Mail: info@turtlerepublic.jp
Address 127-48-2 Wada, Takahama
Check-in 17:00-19:00
Check-out 12:00(Summer 10:00)
Parking 500 yen per day (1,200 yen in summer)
*Visitors must leave the parking lot by 12 noon the following day (Until 10am in summer).
Website https://www.airbnb.jp/p/kamehouse-for-family