Wakasa Takahama Shiroyama-Sou

Shiroyama-Sou is located right in front of Shiroyama Park and Takahama Beach, so customers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Wakasa Bay Quasi-National Park’s most iconic spot. We welcome you with our scenic baths that overlook the majestic Sea of Japan and Wakasa Fuji (Mt. Aoba), as well as seasonal delicacies such as freshly caught fish and shellfish from the local fishing port. You can also cook the fish you catch (Consultation required). There is also a free laundromat on the premises.


Contact TEL:0770-72-0357
Address 6-1-1 Kotoshiro, Takahama
Check-in 15:00
Check-out 10:00
Rate No meals: from 5,000 yen (excl. tax)
Breakfast included: from 5,500 yen (excl. tax)
2 meals included: 11,000 yen and up (excl. tax)
Parking 30 spaces(Large buses 2 spaces)
Website http://www.shiroyamasou.jp/