Bettei Tachida

This modern Japanese auberge restaurant overlooks the old fishing port and has a great view of Mt. Aoba.

It serves authentic Kyoto cuisine in a more casual atmosphere and at a reasonable price.

The creative menu is a modern fusion of traditional seasonal dishes, including popular dishes like their original steamed egg custard with fruit, tomato and gorgonzola.

The ingredients, interior and each piece of tableware used have all been carefully considered, creating a unique dining experience with great hospitality.

The relaxed interior has a lot of natural light, so you can enjoy the changing seasons and spend a relaxing and luxurious time.


Contact TEL: 0770-50-7561
Address 1-37 Kotoshiro, Takahama-cho
Check-in 15:00
Check-out 10:00
Rate 1 room: (2 to 4 people)

1 night with 2 meals: From ¥25,000~¥35,000 per person.
*Changes depending on the evening course fee.
(Service charge incl., tax not incl.)

*Reservation required. We do not accept overnight guests without meals.
We can pick-up guests to and from Wakasa Takahama Station or Wada station (up to 4 people).