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    The JR Obama Line runs along the coast and has 4 Stations within Takahama town. (Running from the east to west: JR Aonogo Station, JR Mitsumatsu Station (unmanned station), JR Wakasa-Takahama Station and JR Wakasa-Wada Station. It is a single track operated only by local trains, and there is a tourist information center inside JR Wakasa-Takahama Station.

    ・JR Aonogo Station +81-770-72-0306
     JR OdekakeNET (Japanese)
    ・JR Mimatsu station (unmanned station)
     JR OdekakeNET (Japanese)
    ・JR Wakasa-Takahama station +81-770-72-0040
     JR OdekakeNET (Japanese)
    ・JR Wakasa-Wada Station +81-770-72-0101
     JR OdekakeNET (Japanese)

    JR-WEST Travel Information (English) 

  • Scheduled Bus

    Scheduled Bus

    Kyoto Kotsu’s Takahama Line operates between JR Wakasa-Takahama Station and JR Higashi-Maizuru Station.

    [Route maps and timetables]

    WEB site Kyoto Kotsu Co., Ltd. (Japanese)

    *For the timetable, please see the PDF page of Takahama Line.

    ・Kyoto Kotsu Co., Ltd. +81-773-75-5000


  • Taxi


    Located next to JR Wakasa-Takahama Station.

    Hours: (weekday) 6: 00 AM to 2: 00 AM (Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays) 6: 00 AM to 0: 00 AM
    Base fare: 1.178 km 580 yen
    Distance-based additional fare: 261 meters, 90 yen (* The time and distance combination is 90 yen for every 1 minute and 35 seconds.)
    Pick-up fee: 110 yen

    ・Takahama Kotsu Taxi Co., Ltd. +81-770-72-0247

  • Car rental

    Car rental

    Rental car company located between JR Wakasa-Takahama Station and JR Wakasa-Wada Station, and there is a shuttle service to both stations. In addition to the phone, you can also book online.

    ・Takahama Rent-a-Car +81-770-72-0462
     WEB site Takahama Rent-a-Car (Japanese) ・ Reservation (Japanese)

  • Bicycle rental

    Electric Bicycle rental

    There are electric bicycles available for rent at JR Wakasa-Takahama station, JR Wakasa-Wada station and JR Aonogo station, but numbers are limited.

    Wakasa-Wada Station
    TEL +81-770-72-0101 3 electric bicycles/5 ordinary bicycles
    Wakasa-Takahama Station
    TEL +81-770-72-0040 6 electric bicycles/ no normal bicycles
    Aonogo Station
    TEL +81-770-72-0306 1 electric bicycle/4 normal bicycles

    Bicycle Rental