Welcome to Takahama

Welcome to Takahama,
   a natural haven by the Sea

On the western tip of Fukui Prefecture lies the secluded seaside town of Takahama.
A natural haven surrounded by the Japan Sea to the North and mountain ranges to the South, the little fishing town of Takahama has developed its own unique history and culture, and is the perfect place to unwind and reconnect with yourself through nature.

Location of Takahama


Takahama prides itself on its crystal-clear ocean water. Though the beaches are mostly popular in Summer, the water is especially clear and beautiful in spring and fall, and attracts many surfers throughout the winter months. The Wakasa Wada coastline is the first beach in Asia to receive Blue Flag certification for meeting stringent environmental standards.

Zen Buddhism

Takahama is the hometown of Zen Master “Soyen Shaku”, a pioneer of Modern Japan who became the first Master to teach “ZEN” in the United States. Reconnect with your Zen by walking in the footsteps of this great man, and there are many cultural activities to experience, such as Zen meditation, Tea ceremony, and Japanese calligraphy.

Mt. Aoba -Wakasa Takahama’s Little Fuji

This symbol of the Wakasa region is nicknamed “the Mt. Fuji of Wakasa,” and can be seen from nearly anywhere in town. This sacred mountain is dotted with Shrines & Temples with over 1300 years of history, attracting many hikers and pilgrims throughout the year, and the sunset behind Mt. Aoba is considered one of Japan`s 100 finest sunsets.

Wakasa Gourmet

The Wakasa region has always been praised for its fresh seafood and rich culinary culture, and the fish caught in Takahama would be presented to the Imperial Courts of Nara and Kyoto. Savor the moment with seafood specialities such as `Wakasa fugu blowfish` and crab in the winter, shellfish and abalone in summer and a local favorite `Wakasa-guji` throughout the year.

Highlights of Takahama

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