Zazen (Zen meditation)

Takahama is the best place to give Zen meditation a try! The town has a long history with Zen and is the birthplace of Soyen Shaku, the famous Zen Buddhist Master who was the first to teach Zen to Westerners. The Abbot of Daijoji Temple welcomes anyone curious about Zen meditation, regardless of age, gender, or personal beliefs. He will introduce you to the basic principles of Zen and how to experience it yourself.

Daijoji Temple

Daijoji is a beautiful temple located on the outer edge of Takahama, next to the forest – the perfect location to feel at peace.

Capacity 1-10 people
Duration 40 minutes
Operation hours Upon Request
(Morning session or afternoon session)
Business hours 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Closed day(s) During Obon Festival and New Year
Price Free* Zazen experience [Read more]

Address:31-3, Hiki, Takahama-cho Oi-gun, Fukui, 919-2383, Japan

Daijoji Temple