FAMILIAR Beachside Village

Restaurant, Guest House and Burger Shop located on Wakasa Wada Beach.

We are proud of our delicious menu, ranging from western dishes such as pizza and burgers, to Japanese set lunches and high-class Wakasa blowfish dishes. There is also a BBQ area with 100 seats that can be accessed from the sandy beach, so customers can use the bring-your-own-food plan or choose from our BBQ plan menu. There is a roof terrace on top of the burger shop with hammocks and chairs, making it a relaxing space and great for watching sunsets by the sea.

We also organize surfing lessons and there is a set lunch + surfing experience option.

Please ask the friendly staff who will welcome you with!


Open 11:00am - midnight
Closed day(s) Wednesday
Contact TEL:0770-72-6630
Address 110-26-3 Wada, Takahama-cho, Oi-gun, Fukui-Pref. 919-2225
Website https://familiar-mkv.com/