Takahama 7 Years Festival

Shichi-nen-Matsuri (7 Years Festival) of Sakichi Shrine is the biggest summer festival of the Wakasa region, and is held only once every 6 years. With over 450 years of history, It is designated as an intangible folk cultural asset by the prefecture.
For 7 days, the whole Takahama area comes alive, as three huge portable shrines and seven floats parade through the town, with an array of additional traditional performances. On the last day everyone gathers on Torihama Beach where the Festival reaches its climax with “ashi-arai”, an ancient ritual where the 3 portable shrines are carried into the ocean as a purifying rite to cleanse away evil spirits.

[venue] Takahama District
[Date] Late June

Takahama 7 Years Festival Official site (Japanese)