Concerning the opening of beaches in Takahama 2020

<Concerning the beach closure in Takahama Summer 2020 >

Takahama is known for its many beautiful beaches, making it a popular destination for thousands of visitors every Summer.

Unfortunately, due to the impact of COVID-19 we have decided to close all the beaches this Summer, in order to prevent the risk of the spread of the infection. This means that all of the beach facilities will be closed, including beach cafes, BBQ areas, showers, campsites and parking areas. As a result, the beaches will not be staffed by life guards, and we therefore ask visitors to refrain from going into the ocean, as we are unable to ensure the safety of swimmers. (Please see below for details).

<Concerning swimming>
This summer, the Takahama beaches will not be staffed by life guards, so we request that everyone, locals as well as visitors, please refrain from entering the ocean. This includes swimming, surfing, SUP, sea kayaking or any other sea activities.

<Concerning beach bars and parking availability>
The beach bars and cafes (Hamajaya) will not be open for business this Summer. Also, all of the parking areas near to the beach will be closed.
Parking on the street is a nuisance to the local residents, so please do not park in the street, other than in designated parking areas.

<How to spend time on the beach >
While you can enjoy strolling and fishing on the beach, please take sufficient measures to prevent the risk of infection against the corona virus, such as securing social distance, wearing a mask, and avoiding travelling in large groups.
Please remember to take all of your garbage with you when you leave.
Fireworks are allowed until 10pm, but please take any rubbish home with you.

<Prohibited items on the coast >
・The use of fire such as beach fires and barbecues are strictly prohibited on the beach.
・It is prohibited to set up tents and tarps after sunset.
・Vehicles are prohibited from driving onto the beach or the promenade along the shore.
・Poaching is prohibited.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused, and hope that you will continue to visit Takahama.
We will strive to make the beaches even better for next year and the future, and we ask for your understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

*In the event of an emergency, please call “119” (Fire department).