Mt. Aoba

The symbol of Takahama, nicknamed The Mt. Fuji of Wakasa for its beautiful cone shape reminiscent of Mt. Fuji has 2 peaks, the east peak (693 m) and the west peak (692 m), and can be seen from almost anywhere in town. Seen from the Takahama area, the sun setting over Mt. Aoba was selected as one of the Top 100 Sunsets in Japan and the scenery of this beautiful mountain soaring up along the Japan Sea is a must for anyone visiting Takahama.

Hiking Mt. Aoba

There are a variety of hiking trails, from the east peak to the west peak, and you can enjoy the thrill of walking through the rocks, from the top of the mountain and the points along the way you can see the superb view of Uchiura Bay, the coastline of Takahama-cho and the townscape, and if the weather is good you can see Tsuruga Peninsula and Echizen Cape in the distance, and many climbers visit during the season.
Climbing Mt. Aoba with various attractions is popular among beginners and advanced climbers.

Mt. Aoba is also home to about 500 kinds of medicinal plants, and you can see rare plants such as the natural monument of Reika Okane.

Mt. Aoba Hiking Map

Climbing Mt. Aoba (external site)


Three females climb Mt. Aoba for the first time! There are many pictures, so it’s easy to imagine climbing Mt. Aoba.

青葉山登山・前編 青葉山登山・後編

Aobayama Herbal Village

A mountain retreat where you can learn all about Mt. Aoba’s wild & medicinal plants.

Herbal Village


Contact Takahama Town: Department of Industrial Promotion 0770-72-7705
Address Seikyo area, Takahama-town (northeastern part of Kyoto Prefecture)
Parking 50 cars (Aobayama Herbal Village)