Seikai Shrine

The approach to Seikai shrine is surrounded by trees and runs along a gentle stream, giving it a serene and tranquil atmosphere.
It upholds many Shinto festivals, including “Shiba no Minoire”, which is an ancient ritual held every year in February, where the shrine parishioners strike the male Shinto priest with ceremonial brushwood (shiba) and pray for a good harvest and prosperous business for the year.


Contact Shrine office: 0770-72-0564
Address 15-1 Ao, Takahama
Access ■nearest station
12 minutes walk from JR Mitsumatsu Station.
16 minutes walk from JR Aonogo Station.
■nearest bus stop
2 minutes walk from Hiki bus stop.
5 minutes walk from the JA Wakasa Aonogo-ten bus stop.
7-minutes walk from the Takahama-cho Aonogo-Hoikujo bus stop.