Ebisuhama Park Beach

Ebisuhama Park is a laid-back beach for more mature tastes, where you might read a book and enjoy the peace and quiet. It has a concrete seating area all along the sea, so a good place to enjoy the sea views without getting into the sand. Another attraction is that you can have BBQ’s all along the beach during the swimming season.

Important points

  • AED machine is installed in the administration building.
  • Camping on the beach is prohibited.
  • Please remove tents and tarps before sunset.


Contact Wakasa-Takahama Tourism Association 0770-72-0338
Address Nishi-Mitsumatsu, Takahama (west of Mitsumatsu beach)
Access 15 minutes walk from JR Mitsumatsu Station
20 minutes by car from the Oitakahama IC on the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway.
Parking Approx. 150 parking lots in the surrounding area.
Normal-sized car: JPY 1,000 (per day)
Large-sized bus: JPY 5,000 (per day) *Please contact the Wakasa Takahama Tourism Association when parking large-sized vehicles (0770-72-0338)

Camping & BBQ's