Hibiki Fishing Port Pier

A local fishing spot where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Uchiura Bay as well as the Hibiki rice terraces (Hibiki no Tanada), voted one of Japan’s 100 finest.

Seasonal Fish

Spring – Black Seabream・Rockfish・Spanish Mackerel・Halfbeak
Summer – Horse mackerel・Scorpion fish・Red grouper・Spanish Mackerel・Octopus
Autumn – Girella ・Squid・Halfbeak・Red Grouper・Spanish Mackerel・Mottled Spinefoot
Winter – Girella・Rockfish・Spanish Mackerel

Other services

Drinks vending machine

Important points

  • Please take your garbage home with you
  • Only fishing from the pier is allowed
  • Use of rubber boats etc is prohibited
  • The road to the parking area is very narrow so please drive slowly


Address Uwase, Takahama town
Parking Space for approx. 100 vehicles: 500 yen per vehicle (maintenance fee)