Takahama Folk Museum

The folk museum houses a wide range of historical artifacts, spanning from the Jomon period (14,000-300 BCE.) up to present times.
There are many arts and crafts objects and folk cultural properties, as well as explanations on many traditional festivals that offer a great insight into the local customs and beliefs of the region throughout the ages.
(Limited English guidance availabe)


Open 9:00~17:00
Contact 高浜町郷土資料館 (Takahama-cho Kyodoshiryoukan)
Tel: 0770-72-5270
Address 1 -14 -1 Minami Danchi, Takahama
Access Walk: Approx. 8 mins. walk from Wakasa-Takahama Station on the JR Obama Line.
Car: Approx. 15 mins. drive from the Maizuru Wakasa Expressway (Oi-Takahama IC)
Parking 20 spaces (parking available for large buses)
Website http://www.town.takahama.fukui.jp/page/kyouiku/siryoukan.html