Nabae Beach

Nabae beach is currently closed due to road maintenance.

This beach is popular with surfers, and is the only beach in Takahama where you can drive your car onto the beach.
*Surfing is prohibited during the swimming season.

Important points

  • AED machine is installed at the reception only during the summer.
  • You can drive into the beach only during business hours.
  • Camping on the beach and BBQ’s outside the designated area are prohibited.
  • Please remove tents and tarps before sunset.


Contact Wakasa-Takahama Tourism Association 0770-72-0338
Address Nabae, Takahama-town
Access Walk: Approx. 40 mins. from JR Aonogo Station.
Car: Approx. 20 mins. drive from Oi-Takahama IC on Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway.
Parking Approx. 150 parking lots in the surrounding area.
Parking Times: Weekdays 7:00~17:00 Weekends & Public Holidays 6:30~17:00
Parking Fee: Standard vehicles from 1,200 yen per day.

Camping & BBQ's