Nakayamadera Temple

Nakayamadera temple is said to have been founded in the year 807 by the great Daitoku Taichou Daishi, a shugendo monk and teacher of the Nara period. The main structure was rebuilt several times with the current building dating back to 1343. Located 100 meters above sea level, the grounds include a modern style tea house that offers a splendid view of Wakasa Bay and the town of Takahama. Also of note are the statues of two mythological Buddhist warriors that guard the main gate and an image of the Buddha enshrined in the temple itself which are designated as important national cultural properties. Nakayamadera is also the first site along the 33 Kannon Hokuriku Pilgrimage Route which spans the 3 prefectures of Fukui, Toyama and Ishikawa.


Contact Nakayamadera Temple 0770-72-0753
Address 27-2 Nakayama, Takahama
Access Walk: 40 mins. walk from JR Aonogou Station.
Car: 30 mins. drive from Oi-Takahama IC on the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway.
Parking 10 spaces