Shingu Shrine

Shingu Shrine is located close to Wada beach, Its huge ginkgo tree has been attracting people for generations. If you walk up to the top of the stair, you’ll find Atago Shrine, which also offers a nice view. In the annual festival which is held every October, the Shrine comes alive as many portable shrines and floats are paraded around the Wada area, always accompanied by the resounding Taiko drums.


Address 129-1 Wada, Takahama
Access ■nearest station
11 minutes walk from JR Wakasa-Wada Station.
■nearest bus stop
7-minutes walk from Takahama-Wada Center bus stop.
11 minutes walk from Wada-ekimae bus stop.
11 minutes walk from JR Wakasa-wada Station bus stop.