Shingu Shrine

Originally founded in the year 1143, Shingu Shrine has served as a place of worship for nearly a thousand years. According to legend, in the year 1142, a fisherman from Wada village cast his net into the ocean on a moonlit night. Thinking he had caught a large stone, the fisherman was surprised to retrieve a wooden deity from his net. This led the village to construct a shrine in the area. Every October, the area comes alive with villagers carrying portable shrines and floats accompanied by sound of Taiko drums in celebration of the shrine’s annual festival. Behind the shrine, a flight of stone steps takes you to the lesser Atago Shrine which offers a hidden view of Mt. Aoba and the Takahama coastline.


Address 129-1 Wada, Takahama
Access ■nearest station
11 minutes walk from JR Wakasa-Wada Station.
■nearest bus stop
7-minutes walk from Takahama-Wada Center bus stop.
11 minutes walk from Wada-ekimae bus stop.
11 minutes walk from JR Wakasa-wada Station bus stop.