Wakasa Shirahama BBQ Park

BBQ facility located on the shore of Shirahama beach. It is fully equipped with toilets, a washing area, garbage station and a cinder.
Reservation is required (Begin accepting reservation applications on June 1).

■ 2023 Opening Period / July 6 (Sat)-August 18 (Sun)
※ We are only open during the summer. It is prohibited by law to have barbecues during other periods.

Usage time/

Reservations and Inquiries
TEL: 080-1953-9629
*Please note that if there is no contact by 12: 00, the reservation will be cancelled and offered to another customer.

Site map

BBQ site rental fee

per day1 Fixed table・2 benches(6 ppl、 Charcoal BBQ (5~10 ppl)、 Parasol. (BBQ grill mesh is an additional 500円)4,000円
SaleCharcoal 3kg 500円


1 Site (5 × 6m) Includes fixed table and benches (for 6 people), permanent BBQ (for 5 to 10 people), parasol, (Grill mesh costs 500 yen)


Permanent BBQ

Washing area

There are 2 places, a temporary washing area and a place to dispose of charcoal ashes.

Charcoal disposal area

There are 2 places, a temporary washing area and a place to dispose of charcoal ashes.

Important points

  • Visitors must first fill out an application form at the reception before using.
  • For the availability of ingredients and equipment, please inquire directly to the above reservation number. There is no charge for bringing your own food.
  • Please separate your garbage into the correct bags and hand them in to the reception when you leave. [Green: combustible waste, Clear: empty cans Yellow: noncombustible]
  • Never bury used charcoal in the ground.
  • We may have to remove your parasol depending on the weather, so we appreciate your cooperation.
  • Please return the rented items to the reception when you leave.
  • This facility is a private facility that has been opened with permission from Fukui Prefecture. It is strictly prohibited to set up tents, tarps, barbecue, etc. outside of the business period and the designated area.
  • Please be careful of birds such as kites and crows, that may swoop down and target food. Also, please do not feed any of the birds.
  • In case of emergency, please follow the staff’s instructions.


Address Sonobe, Takahama-town
Access Walk: 15 minute walk from JR Wakasa Takahama Station
Car: Approx. 15 minutes drive from Oi-Takahama IC on Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway.
Parking ・Regular cars: 1,000 yen day / per vehicle
(The fee for Wakasa Shirahama BBQ Park is 700 yen.)
・Motorcycles: 300 yen day / per bike
・Microbus: 1 bus 2,000 yen/day (You cannot park large buses).

*There are many narrow roads near the parking lot, so please follow the route indicated by the orange arrow on the map.
*For large buses, please contact the inquiry counter.