Shiroyama park & Meikyodo Cave

Originally the site of Takahama Castle, Shiroyama Park’s wide open spaces are a site of recreation for both locals and visitors who come to enjoy the beautiful views of the Japan Sea. Shiroyama Park has been recognized for the beauty of its eight caves (thus gaining the name Yana no Kishō, or “Beautiful Spot of Eight Caves”). Most prominent among them is Meikyōdō Cave, through which observers can enjoy a view of the ocean horizon, famously visited by the third Ashikaga shogun, Yoshimitsu who ordered the construction of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto.

From the east hill of Shiroyama Park you can enjoy views of Takahama’s rocky coastal scenery and an observation deck affords a panoramic view of Wakasa Bay.


The 8 Caves of Shiroyama Park

Scenic Spots


Address 高浜町事代
Access JR若狭高浜駅から徒歩で15分