Sugimori Shrine

Sugimori Shrine is home to two very rare ohatsuki-icho, a rare type of ginkgo tree which were designated as national natural monuments in 1935. The circumference of their trunks is about 3.4 meters, with a height of about 36 meters, and the trees are said to be 100 years old.


Address 24 -3 -1 Miyanomae, Rokurodani, Takahama
Access ■nearest station
31 mins. walk from JR Matsunoodera Station.
31 mins. walk from JR Aonogo Station.
■nearest bus stop
5 mins. walk from Rokuro bus stop.
5 mins. walk from Rokurodani (Rokurodani-Kenmonsho) bus stop.
9 mins. walk from Hirubatake bus stop.