Wakasa Takahama Sea Fishing Park

A spot where you can enjoy fishing all day long at the pier.
Rental fishing rods are available (Numbers limited), so even beginners can enjoy fishing. Also, the scenery of the pier connecting to the island makes a great fishing spot.

Restricted area

Please note that there is a restricted area.

Opening hours8:00~17:00
ClosedWednesday ※ May be temporarily closed due to weather, etc.
Entry fee200 yen
Rod rental1,000yen per rod ※10 rods max.

Seasonal fish

【Spring】 black porgy , scorpion fish , rockfish , halfbeak
【Summer】horse mackerel , sillago , scorpion fish , cuttlefish , octopus
【Autumn】 horse mackerel , sillago , oval squid , filefish , parrot fish , halfbeak , barracuda
【Winter】 girella

Other services

Drinks vending machines available.

Important points

  • Please take your garbage home with you.
  • No admission except for fishing. Also, do not fish outside the designated area.
  • There is a fishing port nearby, so please be very careful of the navigation of fishing boats.
  • You cannot use your own boats or rubber dinghys etc.


Address 高浜町塩土
Parking 約40台収容 1,000円(清掃協力金)/台