Wakasa Wada Campsite

Sleep under the stars while listening to the sound of the waves!

This campsite is a 30 second walk to Wakasa-Wada beach, and is the perfect place for experiencing beach life in Takahama.

There are many facilities to make your stay more comfortable, as well as a children’s park and lots of sea activities such as fishing and surfing right on you doorstep!

Located in a pine grove over-looking the sea, have fun, relax and enjoy the beautiful sunsets while spending time with your family and friends.

The sauna tent, activity plan, and firelight experience are popular.


 Due to the beach closure this Summer, the campsite will be closed  during July & August.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

 Business will resume as usual from 1st September.
Reservations are now being accepted (as of 6th July). 
Please note that depending on circumstances,
conditions may be subject to sudden change.


Customers who come under at least one of the following items,
we kindly ask to refrain from visiting the campsite:
・Those who have travelled abroad within the last 2 weeks.
・Those who have had a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher within the last 2 weeks.
・Those who have had cold symptoms within the last 2 weeks (cough, phlegm, fever).
・Those who suffer from frequent coughing.
・Those who have come in contact with people who have come under any of the above circumstances within the last 2 weeks.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

 To ensure a high level of hygiene at Wakasa Wada Campsite,
we have installed hand sanitizers in all communal spaces, and we regularly sterilize the kitchens and toilets.

 〇New activity plans added!
 〇Free site plan added!
    〇Free rental of sand pegs (35 cm).
    〇Re-landscaped the grounds to correct the slope of the campsite.
    〇Updated our website with useful information such as 【FAQ】
 〇We now have an onsite shop!
  (For details, please see the shared facilities on the camp grounds).
    ✕The permanent onsite tents (for 3-4 people) will not be installed this year, due to safety measures concerning corona.

The first Blue Flag Beach in Asia!

Surrounded by nature with both the sea and mountains nearby, the campsite is over-looking the beautiful Wakasa-Wada beach, the first beach in Asia to attain Blue Flag status (International certification for meeting stringent environmental standards).

It’s great for all the family, and makes our campsite the most popular in Takahama.
Why not come and see for yourself?

■Now accepting reservations! (Japanese Site)

※If you would like to specify a site number, you may only do so by reserving online. (Please write your comment in the space for questions and requests on the campsite reservation form).
Inquiries over the phone may be difficult to get through. Also, you cannot specify a site number by phone.

■AUTUMN CAMP Opening period:
 1st September~Early November

※2020 AUTUMN CAMP reservations are accepted as of 6th July.

Wakasa-Wada Campsite SITE MAP

Special Features

The sunsets from Wakasa-Wada Beach are spectacular, and voted as one of Japan’s finest sunsets.

Beautiful and clean Blue Flag beach!
Great location for fishing, SUP, surfing, etc.

Safe firewood chopper!
Even children can safely experience chopping wood!

We now have lots of items to rent!

*Please note, there are no rentals of tents or tarps. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Camping Fees

For details of each plan, please click the RESERVATION button above.

[CAMPSITE]: In total, there are 47 sites available to rent)
The total size of the campsite is about 80 ~ 100 square meters.
▼ 1 night: 6,000 yen *Up to 10 people can use 1 site.
There is no limit to the number of tents or tarps on each site.

[SOLO CAMP]: (free site) ※ Spring/Autumn CAMP only.
(Summer CAMP is not available.)
▼ 1 night: 1,500 yen
There is no limit to the number of tents or tarps on the site.

[DAY CAMP]: 53 sites in total.
You can rent a site for the day.
▼ 500 yen/person
There is no limit to the number of tents or tarps on the site.

Check-in is usually from 13 o’clock, but If the site is available you may check-in early (From 8: 00 ~).
If your site is available, please feel free to check-in early on the day. It’s free of charge.

[LATE CHECK-OUT] You may extend your check-out time (Extended time 12: 00 ~ 19: 00)
▼ 500 yen/person

1 table: 3,000 yen
Table & benches with stove (Up to 8 people per table)

Campsite Facilities

■Administration Office (8: 00 ~ 17: 00)
・reception desk
・Luggage carts (for carrying heavy luggage) * Free

■Campsite Shop ・Sale of firewood: From 600 yen (Conifers and broad-leaved trees)
・Nets (1,000 yen)
・Charcoal (3 kg) (600 yen)
・Charcoal briquettes (300 yen for kilos)
・Drinks (Beer, chuhai, high-ball)

■Wood chopping device:
・fireside Kinkura
(Even children can safely chop wood)

■Vending machines:
・Power is available in the administration office during business hours. (Charging mobile phones, etc.)
Please note that the number is limited.

■Utility Area
・Coin shower (200 yen/3 minutes)
・Sorted trash cans (We distribute designated garbage bags at the reception).

■BBQ House (all-weather facility)
・vending machine

Campsite Info

Campsite Seasons:
SPRING CAMP: (Mid- March ~ Early June)
SUMMER CAMP: (Late July ~ Early August)
AUTUMN CAMP: (Late Sept ~ Early Nov)

Closed:    Open everyday during camping seasons. (May be closed in the event of harsh weather conditions).

Payment methods: Cash only. We are unable to accept card payments.

Camping types:   Night campers/Day trips

Campsite and nearby facilities

<Nearby facilities>
Supermarket/Hospital/Convenience store/Home center/Hot spring

<Campsite facilities>
Store/Showers/Kitchen/Vending machine/Garbage station/Firewood chopping device

<Campsite terms and conditions>
BBQ site/fireworks OK/NO open fires/pets OK/mobile phones OK/groups reservations OK.


Concerning the campgrounds

Q What is the ground condition?
A The ground condition is generally good, consisting mainly of grass with a bit of sand.

Q Is it possible to drive directly on site for unloading?
A No vehicles are allowed on the campsite, but we have luggage trolleys available.

Q Is there a limit to the number of tents or tarps you can set up?
A There is no limit as long as you keep within your site.

PLAN: Concerning the sauna tent

Q What if I don’t know how to use the sauna tent?
A Please ask the administration office staff. There is a manual.

Q Is firewood provided for the sauna?
A A hand axe and saw are provided.

  • Please bring your own firewood or purchase it at the administration office.
    (1 bundle of firewood 600 yen ~)

Reservations & Cancellations

Q There are currently no vacancies for the plan I want, but could you contact me if there is a cancellation?
A Yes. Please register on the waiting list.

Q How do I pay the cancellation fee?
A Please pay via bank transfer. The payee will be indicated on the cancellation notice.

Q Can I specify a site number when I make a reservation?
A When you make a reservation, please specify the desired site number in the request column of the reservation form.
(In case the site is unavailable, please specfy 1 ~ 3 preferences).
We can’t accept site number reservations by telephone.

Check-in & Check-out

Q What time is check-in?
A 13: 00 ~ 16: 00 (Please let us know if you are going to be late).(Please note that we may offer the site to other customers if you fail to contact us).

Q What time is check-out?
A Checkout is until 12 o’clock.
The next customer may be waiting, so please be punctual.

Q Can I check-in early?
A If there is no previous customer, you may check in early (from 8: 00 ~). If your site is available, please feel free to check-in directly on the day. It’s free of charge.

Q Is a late check-out possible?
A Yes. Late Checkout is from 12: 00 to 19: 00. If you wish to do so in advance, please add a day camp plan and write “late checkout desired” in the request column. If you wish to extend your check-out time while you are already checked-in, you may do so providing that there is no customer waiting for the site. The late Check-out Fee (500 yen/person).

Kitchen & Shower room

Q Is there hot in the kitchen?
A No hot water tap.

Q Are there sponges and washing-up liquid provided in the kitchen?
A They are not provided so we ask customers to please bring your own.

Q Is there a bath on site?
A There is no bath. We have coin showers. (200 yen/3 minutes)

Q Is there a clothes dryer?
A There is no clothes dryer.

Kids Facilities

Q Is there a place where children can play in the campsite?
A There is a Children’s Park next to the campsite, with playground equipment such as a Tarzan rope.

Q Is there a pool for children?
A There is no pool.

Payment methods

Q Do you accept credit card?
A No, we only accept cash and apologize for any inconvenience.

Campsite Opening seasons

Q Is the campsite open all-year-round?

Campsite Seasons:
SPRING CAMP: (Mid- March ~ Early June)
SUMMER CAMP: (Late July ~ Early August)
AUTUMN CAMP: (Late Sept ~ Early Nov)


Q When is the campsite closed?
A During the season opening periods, the campsite is open everyday.

Garbage Station

Q Is there a garbage disposal area?
A Yes. There sorting trash cans for your rubbish.
When you check in, we will give you a designated garbage bag.

Administration Office

Q Is there a place where I can use the power supply?
A Power is available in the administration office during business hours. (Charging mobile phones, etc.)
Please note that the number is limited.

Parking area

Q Can I park my trailer, camping car etc on the campsite?
A No vehicles are allowed inside the campsite.

Q Is there a parking lot exclusively for motorcycles?
A Yes. It’s next to the administration office. Our staff will guide you, so please come to the administration office when you arrive.

Q Can I park more than one car?
A Yes. You may park more than one car. There are no restrictions. If the parking lot is full, our staff will show you the temporary parking lot, so please come to the administration office when you arrive.

Q From what time can i enter or leave the parking lot?
A Anytime. There is no curfew.

Rental Equipment

Q What kind of rental items do you have?
A blankets (300 yen per night), BBQ mesh grills (300 yen per night)

Q Do you have tents and sleeping bags available for rent?
A No. Please note that we do not rent out tents, tarps or sleeping bags.

Firewood & Charcoal

Q How much is firewood and charcoal to buy?
A Conifer (1 bunch) 600 yen, firewood: hardwood (1 bunch) 800 yen, charcoal (3 kg) 600 yen, charcoal briquette (kg) 300 yen

Nearby Facilities

Sunnymart (10 min by car)
Lots of local foods, including fresh fish from the port.

Wakasa Takahama Hospital (10 min by car)

Lawson Convenience Store (5 min walk)


Yuppuru Public Bath & Souvenir Shop
 (10 min by car)

Fukui-Ken no Kodomo-kazoku-kan (15 min by car)
An indoor children’s park with lots of activities and large play zones.

Kinoko no Mori (15 min by car)
An outdoor children’s park with big slides, lawn zones and playground equipment.

Open Campfires

Q May we have open campfires on the site?
A Open campfires are prohibited anywhere on the campsite. Please use the open-air fire stands or BBQ stoves provided.


Q Are fireworks allowed?
A Fireworks are prohibited anywhere in the campsite. You may use them on the beach (Until 9pm).

Campsite Rules & Manners

・Let’s have a fun, safe and friendly camp!
・Its a good idea to prepare mosquito coils and insect repellent in advance.
・Be careful of fire and wind.
・Have good manners and respect your neighbors!
・No loud music or making noise after 10pm.
・Do not leave any trash on site, and please separate the trash properly when you throw it away.


Contact Please contact us by email.
Email address: wakasawada.camp@gmail.com
Address 104 Wada, Takahama-cho (Adjacent to Wakasa-Wada Beach)
Access [By car]
●Driving from Kyoto: about 2 hrs 15 mins
Kyoto - > Trans-Kyoto Expressway - Ayabe JCT - > Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway - > Oi-Takahama IC - > General Expressway

●Driving from Osaka: about 2 hrs 15 mins
Osaka - Chugoku Expressway - Yoshikawa JCT - Maizuru Wakasa Expressway - Oi Takahama IC - General Expressway - Arrival

●Driving from Kobe: about 2 hrs
Kobe - Rokko Toll Road - Kobe-Sanda IC - Chugoku Expressway - Yoshikawa JCT -Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway - Oi-Takahama IC - > General Expressway - > Arrival

●Driving from Nagoya: about 2 hrs 30 mins
Nagoya - Meishin Expressway - Maibara JCT - Hokuriku Expressway - Tsuruga JCT - Maizuru Wakasa Expressway->Oitakahama IC - > general road - > arrival

●Driving from Kanazawa: about 2 hrs 30 mins
Kanazawa - Hokuriku Expressway - Tsuruga JCT - Maizuru Wakasa Expressway - Oi Takahama IC - General Expressway - Arrival

[Arriving by train]
15 mins walk from Wakasa-Wada Station.

●From Kyoto
Kyoto Station - Maizuru Limited Express (About 1 hr 30 mins) - Higashi-Maizuru Station - Local train (About 24 mins) - Wakasa-Wada Station

●From Osaka
Osaka Station - Special Rapid (About 30 mins.) - Kyoto Station - Limited Express Maizuru (About 1hr 30 mins) - Higashi-Maizuru Station - Local (About 24 mins.) - Wakasa-Wada Station

●From Kobe
Sanda Station - Kounotori Limited Express (Approx. 1 hr) - Fukuchiyama Station - local train (About 15 mins.) - Higashi-Maizuru Station - local train (About 24 mins.) - Wakasa-Wada Station

●From Nagoya
Nagoya Station - Shirasagi limited express (About 1 hr 30 mins) - Tsuruga Station - local train (About 1 hr and 30 mins) - Wakasa-Wada

●From Kanazawa
Kanazawa Station - Shirasagi limited express/Thunderbird (About 1 hr and 20 mins) - Tsuruga Station -Local train (About 1 hr 30 mins) → Wakasa-Wada Station

●From Tokyo
Tokyo Station - Tokaido Shinkansen Hikari (About 2 hs 20 mins) - Maibara Station - Shirasagi limited express (30 mins) - Tsuruga Station - local train (About 1 hr 30 mins) - Wakasa-Wada Station

・The parking lot is in front of the BBQ house (20 spaces)
Price: 500 yen/vehicle (Same rates apply for day trips or overnight campers)
*If the parking lot is full, please visit the administration office and we will guide you to the temporary parking lot (500 yen).
・When you arrive, please go to the administration building to check in.

・Private parking lots nearby the facility:
Fee: 1,200 yen ~/vehicle (day trip): about 1,000 parking spaces (Fees may vary depending on the parking lot).

*For customers using the Matsubara BBQ facility, you may use the parking lot in front of the BBQ facility even in the summer.